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Welcome to the Kentucky State Fair General Entries Online System.
Entry Deadline: July 1st
Late Entry Deadline: July 10th
Entry Fee: $15.00 per exhibitor (all entries made in any department, except Homebrew Beer)
Late Entry Fee: $20.00 per exhibitor (all entries made in any department, except Homebrew Beer)  
 The Homemade Wine Department is open to exhibitors 21 years of age and older as of August 1st.
1. Before you begin, you will need to read the information in the 2019 Premium List and General Rules book. You can find a copy of the premium book on our website www.kystatefair.org. Make sure you read through all the rules thoroughly. Arrival times, judging and release times for each department are listed in the Premium Book.
2. To Begin click on Step 1 "Register". Please fill in your first and last name, then click that you are a new exhibitor. Please fill in all required fields.
3. Follow the directions to select the proper division and class number for each entry. Make a separate entry for each item.
4. Exhibitors are allowed to purchase up to two (2) exhibitor ticket books. They can be purchased as a Department, NOT under the Item Fees. You MUST have entries to purchase exhibitor tickets.
5. Print your receipt and keep it for your records.
If you are wanting to make entries in the Homebrew Beer Department you will need to go entry through the Homebrew Beer link: https://ksfbeer.fairwire.com  
 The Kentucky Department of Agriculture in partnership with the Kentucky State Fair and the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service to offer a program which allows residents to exhibit at the State Fair by dropping off entries at extension office locations across the Commonwealth. To find out how to take advance of this opportunity, visit our website at : https://kystatefair.org/participate/compete/
  If you have any questions, please contact the Entry department at (502)367-5190.